New $1000 NCAC Scholarship Announced: Deadline Updated

The Newtown Cultural Arts Commission is pleased to offer its first scholarship award for 2013.  Eligible students must be a graduating senior, a Newtown resident, and pursuing higher education in an arts-related field of study.  UPDATE:  The application deadline is April 12, 2013.  Please see the attached form for additional information.

2013 NCAC Scholarship Form

Healing Newtown Through The Power Of The Arts

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NMS 2010 Scarecrow Competition

The Newtown Cultural Arts Commission congratulate NMS eighth-graders for their bone-chilling scarecrow display this year. During the last week of October, passersby on Queen Street, Newtown were treated to the imaginative student creations in the Annual Scarecrow Competition. From creepy traditional to TV/movie characters to teen-fantasies-come-true (“Who Killed Hanna Montana”), there was something for everyone in this tableau. The annual event is a fundraiser, charging voters $1 per vote to raise money for the favorite charities of the top 3 winning teams. Over $1,000 was raised and donated to local charities Canine Advocates, FAITH Food Pantry and World Wildlife Fund.

First place winner went to the enormous fish created by Hannah Fitzgerald and Jesse Sailer out of several hundred donated CD’s. […]

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